Olympic Distance Syrathlon

DATE: Sunday 

Start time: 9:00 – 12:30

The Olympic Distance Syrathlon constitutes the official distance which is followed by a triathlete in the most significant and prestigious event worldwide, the Olympic Games.

The distance consists of 1500m swimming, 40km cycling and 10km running and is considered of harder difficulty due to the double distance that the triathletes need to cover. With the addition of such race we intend to give our event the character of an official event which is transpired by the Olympic Spirit, based on which the participation matters more than the win.

Start/ Transition Zone/ Finish: “Nisaki”

Route: swimming (2 cycles of triangle route of 750m inside the port bay of Syros, defined by buoys), cycling (4 cycles of 10 km), running (4 cycles of 2,5km.)

The distance of cycling will take place on asphalt ground. The race is for experienced and well-trained triathletes.

Security Measures: Motorbikes will be following the athletes in any case of assistance needed, in several spots along the race distance there will be lifeguards and a doctor, but also an ambulance stand-by for the first aid provision in the case of an emergency transportation to the Medical Centre of Syros.

There will be 2 water stations spots and at the finish area snacks will be provided to the athletes.


Age Groups:

MEN: M1. 18-29 M2. 30-39 M3. 40-49 M4. 50+
WOMEN: W1. 18-29 W2. 30-39 W3. 40-49 W4. 50+

For an age group to be existed there must be at least 8 registrations.





Entry Fee

(until 31 MAY)

(1 JUNE – 21 JUNE)