Ferry Boat

You can travel easily and comfortably to Syros with ferries from Piraeus, Lavrio and the islands around Syros.

Syros is the ideal destination for long vacation or short excursions since it is connected daily to Piraeus with frequent ferries.

The route from Piraeus to Syros is 3,5 hours long with a conventional ferry or 2 hours with a high-speed ferry.

BLUE STAR FERRIES (transportation sponsor of the event), offers 40% discount on return tickets to Syros from Piraeus, but also from the other islands of Cyclades and Dodekanisa with destination to Syros, to all the participants in Syrathlon 2020 together with up to two persons, during the period from 24/06/2020 to 01/07/2020. For their vehicles Blue Star Ferries offers a 30% discount.

First register on

Then call the below Travel agencies to book your tickets to Syros, mentioning your Name and Bib Number:

  • VASSILIKOS PREMIUM SERVICES (Σύρος), τηλ. 22810 84444
  • GELASAKIS STC (Πειραιά)

The ferry routes from Pireaus to Syros are as following:

1.  Sea Jets – World Champion Jet 07:00 – 9:00
2.  Blue Star Ferries – Blue Star Paros 07:30 – 11:15
3.  Blue Star Ferries – Artemis (from LAVRIO) 08:00 – 13:10
4.  Blue Star Ferries – Blue Star 2 18:00 – 21:30
1.  Sea Jets – World Champion Jet 07:00 – 9:00
2.  Blue Star Ferries – Blue Star Paros 08:00 – 11:45
1.  Sea Jets – World Champion Jet 14:55 – 16:55
2.  Blue Star Ferries – Blue Star Paros 16:00 – 19:45
1.  Blue Star Ferries – Blue Star 2 04:20 – 08:05
2.  Blue Star Ferries – Artemis(to LAVRIO) 07:00 – 12:15
3.  Sea Jets – World Champion Jet 14:55 – 16:55
4.  Blue Star Ferries – Blue Star Paros 16:00 – 19:45

By plane

With daily flights from and to the airport of Syros from the International Airport of Athens, Eleftherios Venizelos with the flights to last approximately 25 minutes.

Transportation at Syros

Local Buses

KTEL buses serve by performing routes with starting point Ermoupolis and destination the villages of the island.

The start of KTEL buses is located at the harbor of Ermoupolis, next to the building of the Fire Station.

Tel. 00302281082575

Mini Bus

A network of internal routes for the transportation in the capital of Syros, Ermoupolis, is served by the Mini Buses, the small buses that you will definitely see on the roads of the town when you visit them.

Check here for the Mini Buses’ routes


Syros also disposes taxis for the transportation of its visitors, which are mainly gathered in front of the National Resistance monument in Ermoupolis.

There are two taxi areas in Syros, the one is at harbor (Papagos Shore and Heroon Square) and the other is at the hospital of Ermoupolis. Nonetheless, the most probable is that you will find a taxi in every touristic place of Syros you visit. In addition, the call to the taxis in Syros is not getting charged additionally, neither the appointment, making the choice of getting a taxi an affordable way to choose them.

Tel. 0030 2281084222, 0030 2281086222

Taxiplon: 18222 (national charge)